User cfg        

User cfg

The user_cfg.lua file is a file that stores the user's configuration. It includes display options such as resolution and shadow's quality and user binds.

The file is generated each time the game is run, but it stores the changed configuration done to the file by hand or at runtime. Default properties are commented with --.

Console Interaction

At runtime you can dump the current settings by typing 'user_cfg' or 'debug_cfg' into the console. You can also query the value of a particular property by typing e.g. 'user_cfg.graphicsRAM', and can modify a property e.g. 'user_cfg.graphicsRam = 512'.



 anisotropy              = x;

The quality of anisotropic filtering used when sampling textures. Anisotropic filtering makes textures look clean and unblurred when the view direction is glancing off the surface in question. Use values from 0 to 16. Defaults to 4.

 fullscreen              = x;

Either to run on windowed mode or fullscreen. true or false.

 graphicsRAM             = x;

The graphics RAM used by the engine, in MB. This determines how much of the textures and meshes remain loaded after their grit objects are streamed out. The bigger the 'cache' the less disk IO there needs to be.

 lockMemory              = x;

Either to lock or leave free the memory. true or false. Defaults to true. Does nothing on windows. On some systems it is beneficial to not use swap space as it interferes with disk IO for streaming and causes performance problems. Locking the memory keeps it in physical RAM and out of the swap space.

 mouseInvert             = true;

Whether the movement of the mouse forward should cause the camera to aim down.

 mouseSensitivity        = 0.05;

How much rotation of the camera should result from a given amount of mouse movement.

 res                     = {x, y};

The fullscreen resolution. Use valid resolutions or the engine will crash.

 shadow                  = x;

Shadows enabled or disabled. true or false'

 shadowBackwards         = x;

Shadow using backwards face or not. true or false Defaults to true.

 shadowFadeStart         = x;

The distance where the shadow starts to fade. Defaults to 150

 shadowPCFBilinear       = x;

Whether each shadow PCF tap is actually 4 taps of neighbouring texels, and the value interpolated. This produces smoother-edged shadows that do not have blocky artifacts but is much slower. Defaults to true

 shadowPCFEdgeDither     = x;

Enable or disable PCF shadows Edge dithering. This gets you a bit of fuzzyness at no extra performance cost but the fuzzyness is noisy. Best used at high resolutions. Defaults to true

 shadowPCFSpread         = x;

The spread of the PCF texture. Defaults to 4. The bigger this is, the more fuzzy the shadows.

 shadowPCFTaps           = x;

The quality of the PCF shadow, in terms of the width of the PCF grid tap. Defaults to 2, which is 2*2=4 PCF taps — already quite expensive.

 shadowPCSSAdj0          = x;

Defaults to 3

 shadowPCSSAdj1          = x;

Defaults to 1

 shadowPCSSAdj2          = x;

Defaults to 1

 shadowPCSSEnd0          = x;

Defaults to 20

 shadowPCSSEnd1          = x;

Defaults to 50

 shadowPCSSEnd2          = x;

Defaults to 200

 shadowPCSSPadding       = x;

The padding of the PCSS shadow texture. Defaults to 0.7

 shadowPCSSSplits        = x;

Defaults to 3

 shadowPCSSSpreadFactor0 = x;

Defaults to 1

 shadowPCSSSpreadFactor1 = x;

Defaults to 1

 shadowPCSSSpreadFactor2 = x;

Defaults to 0.28

 shadowPCSSStart         = x;

Defaults to 0.2

 shadowRes               = x;

The resolution of the shadow texture. Defaults to 1024

 shadowUseDiffuse        = x;

Whether or not to bind textures in the shadow casting phase. When true this means alpha stencils (fences etc) will work properly with shadows but it is a little slower. Either true or false, default true.

 textureShrink           = x;

Defaults to 0. This uses lower mipmap levels.

 visibility              = x;

Draw distance multiplier — Defaults to 1.


These options can be used by advanced users to debug the engine, or just to see how the render comes together.


These allow you to see the scene in special ways, in order to work out what is going on.

 boundingBoxes        = x;

Enable rendering of the bounding boxes. true or false

 farClip              = x;

Distance at which distance geometry is clipped. Defaults to 800

 falseColour          = "NORMAL"

False colour can be used to display various internal aspects of the rendering pipeline. These are the options:

  • false — Don't use false colour.
  • "UV", — Texture coordinates.
  • "UV_STRETCH" — The 'stretch' of the texture mapping, per screen pixel. This is only really useful to compare things close together in the scene.
  • "NORMAL" — The geometry normals, i.e. the smoothed normals from the mesh. The colourscheme is the same as a worldspace normal map.
  • "NORMAL_MAP" — The normal maps, without any transformation. It is similar to if the normal map were used as a diffuse.
  • "TANGENT" — The geometry tangents. Black indicates that the material is not using a normal map.
  • "SHADOW_MASK" — The result of shadow depth comparison, including bias, but without the 'fade off' that occurs naturally for aligned polys.
  • "SPECULAR_EXPOSURE" — The amount by which the surface is aligned for specular reflection (red == optimally, blue == pessimally).
  • "SPECULAR_HIGHLIGHT" — The specular highlight with no colour masking. Can be used to choose an appropriate specularity material attribute.
  • "SPECULAR_COLOUR" — The colour that will be used to mask the specular highlight. A combination of texture and material attributes.
  • "DIFFUSE_EXPOSURE" — The amount by which the surface is aligned for diffuse reflection (red == optimally, blue == pessimally).
  • "DIFFUSE_COLOUR" — The colour that will be used to mask the diffuse light. A combination of texture and material attributes.

 fog                  = x

Enable or disable fog. true or false

 FOV                  = x;

The FOV(external link) of the game camera. Defaults to 55

 physicsDebugWorld    = x;

Enable or disable physics debug. Defaults to true

 physicsWireFrame     = x;

Enable or disable the physics meshes rendering (TCOL) for debugging purposes. true or false

 polygonMode          = "x";

Either "WIREFRAME" "SOLID" or "POINTS". Defaults to "SOLID". (Don't omit the quotes)

 vertexAmbient        = x;

Enable or disable the use of vertex colours in the mesh for baked ambient lighting. true or false

GUI elements

 debugShadow          = x;

true or false

 debugShadowSize      = x;

The size of the debug shadow texture. Defaults to 128


 diffuseMaps          = x;

Enable or disable the use of diffuse maps? when rendering. true or false

 filtering            = x;

Whether or not textures should be smoothed to avoid artifacts when viewed from very close or far away. Defaults to true.

 fixedFunction        = x;

Whether to avoid the shader pipeline. Can be true or false (default false).

 noFragmentProcessing = x;

Defaults to false

 noVertexProcessing   = x;

Defaults to false

 normalMaps           = x;

Enable or disable normal map? use when rendering. true or false.

 shadowCast           = x;

Enable or disable shadow casting. true or false

 shadowReceive        = x;

Enable or disable receiving shadow. true or false

 specularMaps         = x;

Enable or disable specular maps? rendering. true or false


The format used is "key". If you want to use multiple keys, just add +: "key1+key2". If you want to use more than one key combination for a bind, separate with commas and in a parentesis: ("key1", "key2)


Used for engine actions

 boundingBoxes       = "x";

Enable/disable bounding boxes. Defaults to C+F8

 clearPlaced         = "x";

Defaults to F3

 clearProjectiles    = "x";

Defaults to F4

 console             = "x";

Show or close the game console Defaults to Tab

 physicsDebugWorld   = "x";

Enable physics debugging. Defaults to C+F7

 physicsMovieFrame   = "x";

Defaults to C+F11

 physicsOneToOne     = "x";

Defaults to F10

 physicsPause        = "x";

Pause physics processing. Defaults to F9

 physicsSplitImpulse = "x";

Defaults to C+F10

 physicsStep         = "x";

Defaults to F11

 physicsWireFrame    = "x";

Enable or disable physics meshes TCOL rendering. Defaults to F7

 record              = "x";

Record a movie. Defaults to C+F12

 screenShot          = "x";

Write a screenshot to the parent directory. Defaults to F12

 skyEdit             = "x";

Enable or disable Sky Editor. Defaults to F5

 toggleFullScreen    = "x";

Defaults to A+Return

 wireFrame           = "x";

Defaults to F8


Used on ghost camera mode

 ascend       = "x";

Move up. Defaults to Space

 backwards    = "x";

Move back. Defaults to s

 board        = "x";

Enter a vehicle. Defaults to f

 descend      = "x";

Defaults to Shift

 fast         = "x";

Defaults to right

 forwards     = "x";

Defaults to w

 strafeLeft   = "x";

Defaults to a

 strafeRight  = "x";

Defaults to d

 teleportDown = "x";

Defaults to Backspace

 teleportUp   = "x";

Defaults to Return


Used when driving

 abandon    = "f";

Go out of the vehicle. Defaults to f

 backwards  = "x";

Reverse. Defaults to s

 boost      = "x";

A small boost. Defaults to left

 forwards   = "x";

Accelerate. Defaults to w

 handbrake  = "x";

Defaults to Space

 realign    = "x";

Reset the vehicle rotation. Defaults to Return

 steerLeft  = "x";

Defaults to a

 steerRight = "x";

Defaults to d

 zoomIn     = {"x"};

Defaults to down and S+v

 zoomOut    = {"x"};

Defaults to down and v

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