A graphical mesh (often just called a mesh) is a collection of triangles in 3D space that are coloured using various material effects in order to give the appearance of real-world objects. They are used by almost all 3d engines to define objects and shapes.

Meshes should not be confused with collision meshes TCOL files) which perform a similar role in the invisible world of collision detection and physical simulation. Meshes are usually much more detailed than collision meshes because they are processed by specialist hardware that can handle them much faster than a CPU.

The ".mesh" file format used by Grit is the OGRE .mesh format. It is typically created in a 3D modelling application such as Blender or 3D Studio Max, and exported using a custom exporter. Each face can reference a material by name, but the materials are defined elsewhere, in Lua scripts.


The export process (that generates the .mesh file) will create a temporary file called .mesh.xml that is a human / machine readable version of the data in the .mesh file. They can be hacked/editted manually but are rather cumbersome to work with. Feel free to delete them if they are cluttering up your space.