Generic textures        

Generic textures

Generic textures are large atlasses of textures that are used across many models within a given area.

Examples of textures that belong in a generic texture atlas:

 * Commonly found textures on different meshes of the same kind, like roofs, house doors, railings, etc.
 * Textures found on objects that will be in close proximity (like street lights and traffic lights).

The purpose of generic textures is to save texture memory by not putting the same old boring texture in every mesh's own texture atlas. It is better to forsake small variations around the map, and use generic textures in this case. This only works if most of the textures within the generic texture atlas are in use when the generic texture is loaded. Otherwise memory is being wasted with the parts of the texture that are not being used, and this can offset the memory saved by using a generic texture in the first place.