Blender Addon Install        

Blender Addon Install

Blender does not come with the grit_blender addon. After installing Blender, the addon must be added into that install manually so that Blender can see it. Then the addon needs to be enabled. Only at this point, will the extra Grit functionality be visible in the 3D view GUI.

Depending on whether you want automated updates via svn, there are two recommended ways to install the addon:

Either: Copying to Blender's Script Directory

Blender has two directories for storing addons. One is the system directory, in Program Files (Windows) or /usr (Linux). This should be left alone. The other one is in your user home directory, where you can add your own scripts.

c:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.62\scripts\addons


You can copy the grit_blender directory from the SVN directory gritengine/exporters/blender_scripts/addons/ into Blender's addons directory.

Or Alternatively: Adding SVN Directory To Blender's Script Path

It is also possible to add an additional path to allow Blender to find scripts in whatever directory you want. This means Blender can look directly into the SVN repository and find the latest version of the script after every update.

This does not affect any existing scripts you have in either the system or the user path. It adds a 3rd path where even more scripts can be found.

First run Blender directly (i.e. don't double click on a blend file, find it in the start menu), go into User Preferences (file menu), and click on the 'file' tab at the top. It should look like the following image. Enter the path in the scripts section and click Save As Default in the bottom left.


Enabling The Addon

After completing one of the above two options, you must now enable the addon.

From a fresh Blender (i.e. not one that has loaded a .blend file), go to File / User Properties, and click on the 'addons' tab. In the top left, there is a search field, in which you can type 'grit' and it should filter down to the addon. You can then enable the addon by clicking on the checkbox on the far right.


If you do not see the Grit Exporter addon, then Blender was unable to find the plugin in its search paths. It is also possible the script has a syntax error or similar. On Linux this will be evident via the console (stdout of the process). In Windows, you can toggle the console in Help / Toggle System Console. If there are errors in there, make some noise on the IRC channel or forums. Otherwise, you probably made a mistake in the process of making Blender see the script.

Click 'Save As Default' and close the User properties menu. At this point the additional Grit functionality should be visible in Blender's 3D View GUI. If you do not see the side bars, they are toggled with keyboard buttons T (for the left) and N (for the right). The new Grit panels can be moved around using the top right handle, they will probably appear at the bottom by default.