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3DS Max Exporter

This page outlines the steps required to install and use the Grit Game Engine 3DS Max Script Pack.

Installation of the files

At the moment there is no automatic installer so you have to move some files around manually. There will be a proper mzp by the time of the first release. There are currently 2 ways to install it. The preferred way is to run the maxscripts straight out of svn. This way, when you update svn, your exporters will be automatically updated to the latest version. The other way is to copy the maxscripts from svn into your 3DS Max/Scripts directory, where you will have to update them manually. Since using out-of-date exporters can cause problems with the engine, we obviously prefer the former.

Option (1): Using The Scripts Direct From SVN (staying up to date with ease)

Copy the file gritengine/exports/3Dmax/Scripts/Startup/grit.ms from SVN into the matching folder in your 3DS Max install dir, which is probably "C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\Scripts\Startup".

After copying the file, edit it with a text editor (e.g. notepad) and replace the following text:


We need to replace that text with the absolute path to the scripts in the repository - remember to use forward slashes and not backslashes! Also do not forget the trailing slash!

For example, if your Grit was in the same place as the example pictures above, your "grit/" entry would now look like this:


Again, do not use backslashes and also be sure not to leave off the last slash. These are the first things to check if you have problems.

Now when you next start 3DS Max, the file you just edited will be run automatically, and it will seek out the other files it needs from the SVN directory that you just told it to use.

Remember to copy the folder "exporters\3Dmax\ui\Icons" to your "UI\Icons" folder in your 3D Max directory for the toolbar icons to appear correctly.

3Ds Max 2013 users: the "Icons" folder path has changed. Copy the folder "exporters\3Dmax\ui\Icons" to your "UI_ln\Icons" folder and "UI_ln\IconsDark" folder in your 3D Max directory.

Option (2): Copying files into 3D Studio Max directory

1: Start at the root of the Grit Game Engine repository and navigate to: exporters/3Dmax.


2: Copy the folders in the image above to your 3DS Max root folder (your installation path of 3DS Max, for example "C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009"

You will see the customary overwrite-confirm dialog saying there already is a Scripts, UI, or Startup Folder, check "do this action for all items" and click "Yes"

Note: Do not copy the .svn folder with it (if you don't see it, don't worry about this - your hidden files and folders are not showing)

3Ds Max 2013 users: the "Icons" folder path has changed. Copy the folder "exporters\3Dmax\ui\Icons" to your "UI_ln\Icons" folder and "UI_ln\IconsDark" folder in your 3D Max directory.


Once once of the above methods has been completed you can launch 3DS Max and do Customize Menu -> Customize User Interface on the program menus.


Click on the Toolbars tab and locate the "Grit Tools" entry in the Category drop-down. You can see the available tools there. Drag these icons to your Main Toolbox/Top Toolbar and then save the custom UI scheme:


When ready to use the Grit Game Engine 3DS Max Scripts, you should just click one of those buttons:


If we add more tools in future, you will need to create buttons for those as well.

XML Converter

The XML converter should be located at


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